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bhild provides clients on demand services with affordability, convenience, and quality. With services ranging from sod replacement, paver installation, flooring installation, and much more services to come.

bhild is not a referral service (all services are provided and managed directly through bhild).

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On Demand

Over and over we’ve seen issues with clients waiting weeks and even months to receive a specific service.


Stop searching from one company to the next that offers little to no guarantee of the work performed. Bhild provides 100% guarantee and quality assurance.

Premium Value

Every specialist at bhild are recognized as being the best of the best. But much less than the traditional expense.

bhild brings service to the next level.

Clients will spend 2x as much for receiving premium quality than the norm.

Receive service faster not later. (varies across industries).

Our ability to provide full transparency of costs, progress updates, and maintenance.

Easy Getting Started

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    Provide us with details about your service.

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    A team specialists will be at your convenience. Whether it’s providing a quote or immediate assistance.

  • Before, During & After

    All details and information are seamlessly through email or dashboard(coming-soon). Daily, & weekly reports (if applicable).

  • Repeat

    Ready for your next service? Choose from many to select from.

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Customer Spotlight

From our very first customer, current, and future; our number one goal is to bring clients premium quality at the best price.

  • "I called bhild specifically for a new landscaping design in my front yard and backyard. This meant installing patio [and] driveway pavers, sod, plant beds..."

    Luis Lopez

    Landscape Design

  • "From the start requesting a quote to finishing up painting; the quality and communication were amazing..."

    Tony Diego

    Home Remodel

  • "Not a 5 but a 10. Steve told me how to care for [my] A/C between cleanings with information never provided before. Skilled, professional and polite. He is a treasure and asset to your company."

    Samuel Rodriguez

    AC Repair

  • "Leo was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable, informative and professional. [He] exceeded our expectations in every way. Also great with our 3 dogs. Great job!"

    Jennifer Wright

    Sod Replacement

  • "My tenant called me at around 11pm because their air conditioner wasn't cooling. Luckily, my friend that also has several rental properties mentioned bhild to me..."

    Oliva Lambert

    Air Conditioning Installation

  • "From the sales department to the installation crew, the staff was excellent. The installers cleaned the work areas and were very knowledgeable, and their prices were competitive. I will recommend [bhild] to all my friends and family!"

    El Frost

    Sod Replacement

About Us

The central idea that bhild stands behind is providing quality at an afforadable price.

When deciding to start bhild we understood the demand for value, transparency and affordability. But the scaracity for those three traits rarely exisit! Therfore, we grasped the ability innovate, become efficient and culitivate opportunity.

bhild is currently avaialble in the Gainesville, Ocala and surrounding areas.

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