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“bhild it and they will come!” bhild was created on the premise that home improvement should be transparent, convenient, fast, and a great value – all from one trusted source. Take a peek at the continuously expanding list of home services made possible by our team. From the drawing board to completion, we leave no room for miscommunication as we bring your concept to life with a 100% outlined service. Furthermore, as fully licensed and insured we will be there to verify your project turns out exactly as you imagined, whether it’s landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, handyman repairs, air conditioning (commercial & residential) or irrigation. bhild is more than a service, it’s how we get there.

bhild is more than a service, it’s how we get there!

How many times have you contracted help for a project without being 100% confident in what you were receiving? Despite getting the job done, not all competitors’ see the value in cultivating a reliable and transparent experience for their clients. At bhild, we believe the best results come from the best process, and we value transparency, trust, and a good value. From the beginning, we outline every step of your project with a detailed work plan that lets you know what to expect from start to finish. To further guarantee no surprises, our experienced Project Managers will keep you in the loop with timely updates along the way. Get started with our one-of-a-kind tested, transparent, and innovative service approach, and let us bring the ‘bhild’ experience to you!

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Our model provides for a range of home services, including: Landscaping, Hardscaping, Sod, Tree Services, Irrigation, Construction, Handyman, HVAC and more.

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CEO & Founder

From start to finish get started with our extraordinary, competitive, convenient, and innovative approach with bringing a handful of services to you.

-Nicholas Indellicati

bhild CEO

Our Team

  • Project Manager

    Ivy Castillo

  • Handyman

    Deon Davis

  • Irrigation

    Adam Drew

  • Solar

    Alex Black

  • HVAC

    Edwin Santino

  • Horticultrist

    William Indellicati

  • Hardscaping

    Flavio Santos