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Thinking about adding a patio to that backyard? Or adding pavers to a your driveway? Pavers are a cost-effective way to create a beautiful home's curb appeal, and a durable outdoor living space with an assortment of colors, textures, and materials to choose from. We are a local paver company servicing Ocala, Gainesville, Dunnellon, Leesburg, The Villages, Williston, Archer, High Springs, Summerfield and Newberry Florida. Get a free estimate below through our online form.

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Pavers for Outdoor Living Space

Adding paving stones to driveways, walkways, pool decks, and patio provide immense value as an ideal source because superior water drainage, appeal (with multiple options of paver shapes, colors, and textures) and are non-slip while wet to your outdoor space. Each material thrives on different use cases for your outdoor space. Our inspiration is to create unique designs to complement your outdoor living space.

Concrete Paving Stones Applications

Concrete pavers are an incredible investment to your yard, regardless of the hardscaping project you decide.

Porcelain Paver

Porcelain Paver

Porcelain is a great option for a sleeker design and outdoor hardscape project to patio or pool deck. Their aesthetic appeal is very different compared to concrete, bluestone, travertine or clay pavers as it does not resemble rustic aesthetics. Porcelain is made of natural minerals and quartz in a clay-like form, which are fired at high temperatures. Porcelain pavers provide an elegant design that can range from different color blend such as white, black, brown or grey to suit your taste and preference.

Porcelain Paver Applications

Porcelain is a great for outdoor living spaces, but can also be used in commercial settings such as office parks or hotel courtyards. This paver brings beauty to any backyard living space with styles sizes ranging resembling laminate flooring, and stone oriented in various patterns to bring a tile clean finish.

bluestone pavers


Bluestones come in a variety of styles for walkways, courtyards, sidewalks, patios, and pool coping. Bluestone is composed of quartz particles and sand compounds. Bluestone originates from molten lava, which then cools and compresses into blocks that are most popularly found in New England, the Northeast of the United States, and throughout Europe. The variety of silica and iron found in bluestones accounts for the variation in color. The colors include red, yellow, gray, and black. This paving stone is a softer variant than other paving stones; as a result, it should be used in areas with little walking, or pedestrian traffic.

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Bluestone Paver Applications

Bluestones aren't as suitable for full sun pool decks because their naturally ability to retain heat and are more popular for patios, or sidewalks because of it's durable material which can withstand heavy traffic areas. And do provide a more natural appearance compared to concrete pavers.

travertine pavers


By adding travertine to your home or garden brings a modern architecture presence. With Travertine Pavers they will not fade or weather. Travertine is a stone that can be described as a cross between marble and limestone. With a variety of colors to choose from ranging from dark brown to gray and beige, travertine is a popular stone used in the Mediterranean region during the Roman Empire. Travertine Pavers are a great addition for patios, pool decks, and lanais.

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Travertine Applications

Travertine is commonly found around pools and patios, but can be applied to driveways the width of these naturally occurring stones are sold at 3cm and this applies to pools, patios and driveways. Travertine pool coping is also applied towards pools. The available colors available for travertine may vary depending on location being bought from. The most common blend of travertine colors include cream, beige, brown, tan, grey, black, blue, orange, yellow, gold and ivory.

Clay pavers

Clay Paver

Clay pavers are a type of natural pavers that can be found in the form of bricks or pavers, and is popular because it provides an appearance resembling brick through its red color blend with variations in texture such as smooth, rough, and rustic. The joints are filled with a mixture of sand and cement for added stability as well as keep it from moving away from where its placed.

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Clay Paver Applications

Because of the extreme temperatures at which they're formed, clay bricks create a beautiful and traditional look that comes in a variety of hues. Clay brick pavers provide a fashionable and conventional touch that may be chosen from a variety of colors. For homeowners, clay brick pavers offer a stylish and durable product to enjoy. Clay pavers may be used in a wide range of settings, including driveways and backyard patios. When it comes to clay pavers, the color palette is balanced, with significant amounts of red and brown. There is zero touch of gray or white compared to other pavers.

Paver Product Type Variations


Pavers have become more and more popular from one size installed throughout the entire job to multiple size pavers installed. With paver interlocking oriented in various pattern to add beauty to the end hardscape project.


Pavers have become more and more popular from one size installed throughout the entire job to multiple sizes installed. With paver interlocking oriented in various pattern to add beauty to the end hardscape project.


There are a huge selection of available. When creating a new build, pavers are available in a wide variety of colors.Depends on natural vs. artificial colors can be dictated according. For stones such as travertine, clay and bluestone, this paver is only available in a limited color.


Apply commercial sealant to all stones is strongly advised, sealant will be applied to maintain the natural color and texture. The specific type of sealer used for pavers is oil or acrylic based which provides great protection from rain water and pollutants that might cause discoloration. The sealant is a blend of acrylic and oil that is mixed with water to seal paver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We got answers! Read below from many popular questions from clients.

About pavers services

1. What kind of location is this?
Is this a new landscape project being added to your home? Or is this for commercial use? Commercial use 99% of the time there will be permits involved. While for home use permits aren't required for Gainesville Florida, Ocala Florida, The Villages Florida, and Leesburg Florida, but it may be necessary that your HOA require you show documentation of work to be performed.
2. Is there a current structure in place of the for this project?
When choosing to your current structure whether its replacing a concrete slab, existing patio or installing a new set of steps, think about how much work you want to put into the project. Building and installing a new structure versus replacing it can save on labor and costs but will require more work if you are adding onto an existing structure.
3. What is the desired scheme look your are trying to accomplish?
Since there are many different hardscaping applications from installing a driveway, patio paver, outdoor kitchen, or adding stones to your outdoor porch. With endless design of shapes, sizes, colors, and the type of material being the largest reason for pricing (concrete, bluestone, travertine, clay).
4. Do you have an HOA? And if you do is there any regulation?
If you have an HOA, roughly 90% of the time you'll be required to receive permission before any type work can be performed. This typically involves submitting detailed documentation of the exact project details. HOA typically approve a span of one to two weeks.
5. Is your surrounding areas surrounded by trees or brush?
Trees or other brush is great for shade or decoration, but they can cause a lot of discoloration over time. This could be from staining the pavers or an accumulation of dirt. The best solution for this is to add liquid sealant. This will not only help prevent discoloration, but will further prevent weeds to accumulate and grow in between the creaves.
6. What is my estimated shape and size of the area needing hardscaping?
The larger the area, the price of cost decreases drastically per square footage. The style of layout cuts, including curved lines, will also play a part depending on the hardscaping installed.
7. Is it necessary to remove the pavement or asphalt from walkways, front patios or driveways?
Pavers used specifically for walking or leisure don't require concrete to be removed. Stones can be laid directly onto of concrete. While for driveways, concrete is required to be removed to ensure longevity and performance, if not stones will crack.
8. What is the level of quality of materials used?
Bhild only works with a selected group of manufactures from Flagstone, Belgard, and Tremron. With all these manufactures located Orlando to Jacksonville, Florida.
9. Can you provide additional details of your paver process?
Yes, please go to our resources center for more information on our paving procedure. Furthermore, we have past projects that you may find helpful.

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