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Whether you are searching for information on home maintenance and repairs or embarking on a major remodel, you can count on bhild to provide expert information and advice, tools and tutorials, and ideas and inspiration to guide your project from start to finish.

  • How to DIY Paver Installation Video

    Check out this simple, how-to video for start-to-finish instructions on how to install your own pavers with flawless execution.

  • Crepe Myrtle Pruning: How To Guide

    Check out this simple, how-to guide for crepe myrtle pruning. Don't let other landscaping companies ruin your crepe myrtle trees.

  • Summer AC Tips

    The hot summer months put more strain on your air conditioner to keep your home cool. These summer ac tips will help your AC beat the heat.

  • Pressure Washing 101

    Pressure washing 101 covers the pressure washing process, different types of equipment, and answer real questions that most homeowners have.

  • Pavers vs Concrete

    The pros and cons when deciding between pavers vs concrete for your next project.

  • What is Solar Net Metering?

    Find out how solar net metering can be beneficial to your home. Is adding a solar power system worth it?

  • How to Install Concrete Pavers: Simple DIY Guide

    From the materials to the process of installing pavers.

  • The Top Best AC Brands

    The top 5 home air conditioning manufacturers.

  • Benefits of Pavers

    Pavers come in a variety of colors, provide durability and flexibility.

  • The Best Sod for Florida

    See all the best types of grasses to be grown in Florida through value and cost.

  • Centipede Sod

    Centipede provides a low level of maintenance that excels in the Florida Climate.

  • Bahia Sod

    Bahia provides clients a great alternative for easy maintenance, but may limit quality compared to other varieties.

  • Bermuda Sod

    Known as the type of sod used across golf courses.

  • St. Augustine Sod

    St.Augustine Sod has a deep root system that prevents weeds from taking hold. While also being a cost friendly & viable option for your yard.

  • Zoysia Sod

    Zoysia has a thick, carpet feeling, that provide a strong system to outcompete weeds. See all the characteristics & costs of Zoysia Sod.

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Landscaping & Yard

  • Yard Cleanup, Landscaping Design, Pavers, Irrigation, Sodding, Mulching and more.


  • Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile, Carpet and more.


  • Pressure Washing, Maid Services, Car Detailing and more.

Air Conditioning

  • AC Repair, AC Installation, AC Duct Cleaning, AC Maintenance and more.


  • Door Installation, Window Installation, Car Repairs, Drywall Repair, and more.


  • Clogged Drains, Water Heater, Toilets, Showers and more.