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Choose from a variety of pavers and hardscape services to compliment your outdoor space in the gainesville florida area. As a locally owned company we provide huge selection of colors, textures, and materials to bring your outdoor space to life.

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Prices to Install Concrete Pavers In Gainesville, Fl

Concrete Paver Materials, Applications & Styles in Gainesville, Fl

Bring your outdoor living space some flare in the gainesville area for patios, driveways, entrances towards any project.

Paver Patios

From curved lines to straight edges, bring your outdoor space with a custom built paver patio through the use of brick pavers. A paver patio can withstand heavy foot traffic and needs little maintenance to bring your outdoor living space to life. Whether you're adding a sitting area, a fire pit and/or outdoor kitchen the possibilities are endless when bringing your outdoor living space for yourself and family to enjoy.

Paver Driveway

Paver driveways & complementing patio entrances are becoming more and more common not because of the elegant appeal offered, but the durability, longevity, and increased home property value that comes with all of the above compared to the traditional concrete driveway. Concrete Pavers installed on your driveway can come in different shapes and sizes to handle large amounts of weight such as vehicles and foot traffic.

Paver Walkways & Entrances

A walkway is a necessity not only to pave the way for foot traffic, but to connect additional areas throughout the landscape such as patios. Walkways can be found leading from the driveway to an entrance, leading to a public sidewalk, leading to a paver patio or the front door.

Paver Fire Pits

An outdoor concrete fire pit is great way to utilize your patio, deck or other backyard settings. Sitting around the campfire brings charm and flare to your backyard. Choose from a gas fire pit or wood powered to accent your home.

Paver Pool & Paver Pool Deck

Concrete pavers specifically around a pool provide durability, and provide traction. When adding pavers around the pool coping is also very important as without it could cause damage to the base of the pool.

Paver Retaining Walls, Columns & Benches

A paver retaining wall provides tremendous support for landscapes with a slope that desire to have a flatten yard. With retaining walls they typically come with columns and benches for additional aesthetic flow.

Paver Outdoor Kitchens

Surprise your friends with a custom built outdoor kitchen. Whether we're using bricks, stones get a newly installed outdoor grill, sink, flat top or burners with a marble top entertain guest and show off your cooking skills. Leave it to us to handle the job from start to finish.

Other Outdoor Living Space Materials

  • Clay Brick Pavers

  • Travertine Pavers

  • Bluestone Pavers

  • Porcelain Pavers

  • What to consider before adding Pavers

    Before beginning any hardscaping project ask yourself the following questions.

    1. What kind of location is this?

    Is this new landscape project being added to your home? Or is this for commercial use? Commercial use 99% of the time there will be permits involved. While for home use permits aren’t required for Gainesville Florida or Alachua County while it might be necessary that your HOA require you show documentation of work to be performed.

    2. Is there a current structure in place of where the pavers are?

    When choosing to your current structure whether its replacing a concrete slab, existing patio or installing a new set of steps, think about how much work you want to put into the project. Building and installing a new structure versus replacing it can save on labor and costs but will require more work if you are adding onto an existing structure.

    3. What is the desired hardscaping scheme look your are trying to accomplish?

    Since there are many different hardscaping applications from installing a driveway, patio paver, outdoor kitchen, or adding stones to your outdoor porch. With endless design of shapes, sizes, colors, and the type of material being the largest reason for cost difference (concrete, bluestone, travertine, clay).

    4. Do you have an HOA? And if you do is there any regulation?

    If you have an HOA about 90% of the time there is going to be some type of approval required to start any modifications to your home. This typically involves submitting detailed documentation of the exact project details. HOA typically approve a span of one to two weeks.

    5. Is your surrounding areas surrounded by trees or brush?

    Trees or other brush is great for shade or decoration, but they can cause a lot of discoloration over time. This could be from staining the pavers or an accumulation of dirt. The best solution for this is to add liquid sealant. This will not only help prevent discoloration, but will further prevent weeds to accumulate and grow in between the pavers.

    6. What is my estimated shape and size of the area needing hardscaping?

    The larger the area the price of cost decreases drastically per square footage. While the style of layout cuts, including curved lines will also play a part depending on the hardscaping installed.

    7. Should I add sealant to my newly installed pavers?

    Yes, the best practice is to add sealant within 30 days of installation. This will prevent dust to settle between pavers, maintain its beauty and protect it from stains, dirt and other type of debris.

    Our Hardscaping Projects in Gainesville Florida.

    • Project Name: Gainesville Pavers Patio

      City: Gainesville, FLDate of Inquiry: September 01st 2023What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Large (Less than 1400 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: CityStone Demi Paver by Flagstone - Cream Beige Charcoal
      Zip Code: Florida 32607Date of Completion: October 14th 2023Size of Area: Large (More than 1400 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Grass, Dirt, River RockComments: 🌿🌟 Step into Your Shaded Oasis! 🌟🌿We're thrilled to unveil our latest backyard transformation – a serene oasis nestled in the shade! 🌳 From lush artificial turf that stays green year-round to sleek new pavers leading the way to relaxation, every detail has been carefully curated for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. ✨ But the magic doesn't stop there – granite rocks are scattered throughout, adding a touch of natural elegance to this tranquil retreat. 🌿✨ Ready to escape to your own private paradise? Contact us today to bring your backyard dreams to life! #ShadedOasis #BackyardTransformation #ArtificialTurf #PaverParadise

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    • Project Name: Gainesville Pavers Patio

      City: Gainesville, FLDate of Inquiry: September 01st 2021What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Small (Less than 300 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: 6" x 12" pavers (glacier) by Tremron
      Zip Code: Florida 32607Date of Completion: October 14th 2021Size of Area: Small (Less than 700 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Grass, Dirt, River RockComments: This patio included pavers of 6" x 12" pavers with a running bond. This patio included adding pavers directly above the concrete slab near the house and also excavating the area. The base included washed and screened sand beneath concrete and in areas of dirt was road base II.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    • Project Name: Backyard Patio with Bench & Fire Pit

      City: Gainesville, FLDate of Inquiry: September 30th 2021What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Medium (More than 700 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: Old Towne Sand Dune with Glacier Border
      Zip Code: Florida 32608Date of Completion: October 30th 2021Size of Area: Medium (More than 700 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Grass and DirtComments: This patio included border edging with glacier throughout the patio, bench, fire pit and wall. A small entrance was also created in the front of the house to include a similar design. This bench was 12 ft in front length with 2 ft on each end for the columns to include an electrical lighting post.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    • Project Name: Border Bricks Backyard Paver Patio

      City: Gainesville, FloridaDate of Inquiry: September 08th 2021What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Small (Less than 700 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: 4 x 8 pavers (Willow Center) & 4 x 8 (Red/Tan/Charcoal Edges)
      Zip Code: Florida 32641Date of Completion: September 16th 2021Size of Area: Small (Less than 700 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: GrassComments: This landscaping patio included two steps coming from the back doors. Using red/tan/charcoal as the border edges and a willow color throughout the center. These 4 x 8 paver patio provided this client the ability to add a standalone fireplace and grill.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    • Project Name: Gainesville Paver Basketball Court

      City: Gainesville, FloridaDate of Inquiry: September 01st 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Medium/Large (More than 1000 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: Traverstone Paver (White/Pewter) and 4 x 8 Paver (Charcoal)
      Zip Code: Florida 32607Date of Completion: October 13th 2021Size of Area: Medium/Large (More than 1000 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Lawn GrassComments: Multiple neighbors gave great reviews and referred us to work on a new construction basketball court with pavers. The client agreed the job exceeded expectations, employees were efficient and courteous and all materials arrived and work was completed on time. We suggested using flat face/edge pavers to finish this project. A three-point line was also added to the site, and more base material was required to guarantee the slope was graded correctly.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do Pavers Crack?

    Concrete pavers provide a great upside compared to concrete or stamped concrete which commonly crack. And it’s not common for concrete pavers to crack.

    2. How long do Pavers Last?

    Concrete pavers offer an expected durability of more than 50 years when installed correctly. Natural stones such bluestone or travertine will typically test through time.

    3. Do weeds come through the pavers?

    The material added beneath pavers is crushed concrete with zero form of organic matter. Thus weeds can’t grow in or beneath considering enough crushed concrete is added. When weeds do form and proper procedures are taken it’s from above in which seeds are spread from on top of the pavers in to the cracks. The most appropriate solution is to add liquid sealant which acts as an adhesive glue protecting the pavers.

    4. Can I add paver directly over my existing concrete?

    Yes, since an existing structure is already in place is provide a form of support. Instances of where concrete would need to be remove is on driveways or when limited amount of height is needed.

    5. What areas do you provide paver services?

    We operate and provide paver services throughout Marion, Alachua & Levy Counties. This includes Ocala, Gainesville, Dunnellon, Bronson, The Villages, Williston, Archer, and Newberry Florida.

    6. What guarantee do I have on work performed?

    Yes, we provide a minimum of a 2 year craftsmanship warranty on all paver service. Further details for warranty are provided in our terms of service.

    7. What payment methods do you accept?

    bhild accepts all major credit cards (3% processing fee), cash, check, other mobile payments (paypal, zelle, cash app), and 100% financing up to $100,000. APR range from 6.9% and upwards.

    8. Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes, all paver services performed are fully insured, including all necessary business licenses to perform work in the State of Florida.

    9. What is soldier course?

    Soldier course is a term used to describe the vertical joints at the base of a wall built with pavers, bricks or natural stone. The soldier course can be made with either two or three pieces. One piece is installed per row and cuts vertically into several rows until it reaches the top of the wall.

    10. How long will it take to be fully installed?

    In most cases we provide within 24-48 hour of initial contact a detailed quote, this includes a blueprint, costs, and terms of work. After contract, HOA (if applicable)and delivery of pavers our average completion time is within one week of the following.

    11. What are interlocking paver?

    The term Interlocking pavers are used interchangeably between how the pavers or the various brick sizes are oriented to fit in an interlocking and snug pattern. This is typically achieved most through concrete pavers and other natural stone such as travertine. Installing pavers to interlock provide an sturdy and beautiful elegant end product. These pavers or stones typically consist of two or more sizes that intersect with one another.

    12. How long have you been in business for?

    bhild pavers or hardscaping has over 40 years of industry expertise in the fields of landscaping and 15 years of paver or hardscape business as a locally owned service company.

    13. Do you have more information on how hardscaping are installed?

    Yes, please visit our resources center. Here we explain everything from the benefits of pavers, natural stone, different block for retaining walls or kitchens, pricing, design ideas, and different products commonly used.

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