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Install a new heating and cooling system in Ocala, Florida is no easy task. It requires a qualified heating and air specialist to calculate the correct size unit that best fits your home. Our technicians will calculate the dimensions of your rooms and help you choose the appropriate system so you can be comfortable all year long.

Our professionally trained team offers installation & replacement services and repairs on all the top brands, including Rheem, American Standard, Carrier, Goodman, Trane, Bryant and Lennox Air Conditioning Installations. Let us be your one stop shop!

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    Air Conditioner & Heating Manufacturers

    When picking the right air conditioner for your home, you need to take into consideration the ac unitSEER rating amongst other qualities before choosing. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient it is and will save on costs on your energy bill.


    When deciding to put a new ac system in your home it's important to look at the SEER. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more efficient your ac system will be when cooling and dehumidifying your space. Ultimately lower utility bills. For example an ac unit with rating of 14 versus 16 is going to use 15% less energy over a ac unit with a 14 rating. So if you want to cut costs and still get exactly what you need in ac installation services, these brands are a good option.


    A good rule of thumb when deciding the tonnage is to take the ac unit tonnage and divide it by the square feet of your home. This will give you an average ac tonnage for your home. So if you live in an 1800 sq ft house (4 room house), an ac unit with 3 tons is a good option as this breaks down to 600 per sq/ft.

    Single Stage vs. Two Stage vs Variable Speed

    A single-stage compressor delivers refrigerant at a fixed volume. During the cooling cycle, the following sequence of events occur. The air conditioner first compresses the ac refrigerant as much as possible, then it passes through an expansion valve, which reduces the pressure of the ac refrigerant. This ac refrigerant then flows through the ac condenser coil to remove heat from inside your home, finally entering your home as cool air.
    A two-stage compressor on the other hand works by running through the system in two stages. First, a low-pressure ac refrigerant is passed into the ac evaporator coil and then it passes through the ac expansion valve and goes into the ac condenser coil. Then, a high-pressure ac refrigerant passes through another ac evaporator coil and compressor to continue ac refrigeration. This makes air conditioner more efficient, but the cost to install higher than a single-stage ac unit.
    A variable speed condenser fan is a two stage variable speed air conditioner that has 2 fans, one of which runs when the ac is on, and the ac evaporator coil is off. Unlike ac units with ac condenser fan motors, ac units with variable speed ac condenser fans don't cycle off and on.

    rheem air conditioner 3 ton


    Most Rheem hvac systems come sizes of 2-5 tons. This central air conditioning unit size is better for smaller to middle sized homes, or ac installation when you need ac tonnage split up in several different rooms. Available in for residential furnace, heat pump, condenser and packaged unit. Overall provide great value and little to no repairs necessary. Rheem ac units are a good investment if you're looking to save money and energy long term on your ac bill. They have ac units that range from 9 SEER/13 SEER all the way to 24 SEER ac installations.

    goodman air condioner units


    Goodman hvac systems are mostly in sizes 1- 5 tons. Goodman central air conditioning & heating has been around since the 1950's and have been manufacturing ac equipment for approximately 70 years! Goodman range from as low as 9 SEER/11 SEER all the way up to 21 rating. These ac system are a good choice if you're looking for heavy duty ac equipment that will last many years. Plus they come with a 10 year ac part manufacturer warranty.

    american standard ac unit

    American Standard

    American Standard is recognized by HVAC technicians as one of the best system in the ac industry. American Standard hvac systems are known for their incredible ac efficiency and durability, making them a good choice if you're looking for an ac replacement of something of value and affordability. Providing regular routine maintenance is necessary for american standard and all units.

    bryant air conditioners


    A Carrier Air Conditioning system provides reliability, efficiency and tends to be more expensive than other ac brands. When your carrier air conditioner needs routine maintenance, repair air conditioning system, depending on the system it can be an expensive ac repair.If you're looking for a good ac unit that will keep costs low staying away from Carrier system is advised.


    Lennox ac units have a wide range ac unit sizes for residential and commercial installs including ac units between 1-5 tons. Lennox systems are of a higher cost and may require more expensive to repair existing units. Lennox Ac units range from 12/16 SEER all the way to 24. Their ac systems are a good choice if you want ac equipment that has ac installation features that provide ac efficiency, ac durability and ac reliability. If you're searching for a premier Lennox air conditioning dealer, look no further. Our technicians have gone through rigorous courses in regards to LENNOX to provide lennox heating and cooling install.


    Bryant Air Conditioning provides up to a 21 SEER rating which is higher than other air conditioning brands. If your Bryant air conditioner malfunctions, ac repair ac professionals are trained to install central ac in cooling systems.

    ameristar air condtioning units


    Ameristar central air conditioning are a great choice if you're looking for a high quality ac unit at an affordable price point. They have been in business since 1988 so they know what it takes to manufacture high quality ac. They also carry ac/heat pump systems as well. Ameristar ac units further provide get energy efficiency. Since ameristar run on 410a refrigerant they provide a great environmental solution for any new system.

    trane air conditioner


    A Trane air conditioning system can reduce utility costs dramatically if they are professionally installed. Trane air conditioners provide energy efficient homes and huge long term benefits. When getting air conditioning installation trane may require a better understanding of how the unit itself works.Trane AC units are widely regarded as some of the most reliable air conditioning units on the market. Trane is typically priced higher than other brands but a lower ac bill at the end of the month make it worth it in most cases. All new trane replacement units come with a 410a refrigerant ac system.

    york air conditioner


    York Air Conditioningis one of the top brands due to their value pricing model. While a York system are not as energy efficient as others, they provide a great product for the price and have experts available at service. A york system are not especially common in homes, and their availability may be more challenging for installers.

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    Our Air Conditioning Projects in Ocala Florida.

    • Project Name: Gainesville, Florida

      City: Gainesville, FloridaDate of Inquiry: November 16th 2021What Kind of Location: OutsideGrading Required: N/AVariety Selection: 2 Ton & 3.5 Ton Air Conditioning Heat Pumps
      Zip Code: 32601Date of Completion: November 30th 2021Size of Area: N/AOld Surface Removal: Removed Previous SlabsComments: Replaced two air conditioning units. A 2 ton split system (heat pump and air handler) and 3.5 ton split system (heat pump and air handler) with rheem classic air conditioner units. Went further by moving units over, therefore extending wiring and tubing for units.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

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