1. Solar Installation

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    Solar Installation in Ocala Florida.

  • Residential Solar


    Solar Panels built and installed for the everyday homeowner in Marion County.
  • Commerical Solar


    A systematized approach to maximize energy efficiency for ALL businesses.
  • Utility Solar


    Providing solar designed for large scale energy re-distribution business models.

Solar brings more to You!

Everyday more and more people are turning to solar because of the obvious economic, and environmental benefits it provides. Read below for just a few of these benefits.


Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) also known as the solar federal tax credit. This credit provides solar clients from homeowners to business a 22% federal tax deductible for 2021 for having solar panels fully installed. With the average solar customer saving nearly $9000 solely from this tax credit. This tax credit applies to all systems from residential, commercial and utility. This illustraiton depicts the drop in tax credit since 2013 of 30% to an anticipated 10% in 2022.

Referenced from Sunshot (U.S. Department of Energy)


Locked In Costs

Electricity costs fluctated and are dependent on a range of costs from the type of customer (residential, commercial, utility), the demand (weather conditions), costs of fuel (fluctuation in natural gas), transmission and power plant costs (costs to maintain and repair power plants) and lastly state regulation costs. On the otherhand Solar costs are fixed month after month (costs of system).

Referenced from EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration)


Solar homes sell for MORE MONEY

A study conducted by Berkeley Lab has found that solar panels installed in a home are viewed as upgrades to a home similar to Renovating a Kitchen or adding a Paver Patio. With average residential systems being installed from 9KW -15KW homeowners will typically see a $4000 increase in home value per KW; therefore, a 9KW system will sell on average for $36,000 more than a home without solar according to Berkeley Lab.

Referenced from Energy Efficiceny and Renewable Energy


Sell Excess Electric

When a new solar system is installed any excess amount of electricity can be sold directly to the grid. When this electricity is generated it turns back the electricity meter on your house, this is known as net metering. Solar clients can expect to receive about $.01-$.02 below the ongoing market rate.

Referenced from Energy Efficiceny and Renewable Energy


Clean Energy

Across the country we’re embarking on an expansion of renewable energy. This clean energy builds a pathway for a more sustainable energy future, not dependent on fossil fuels.

Referenced from Energy Efficiceny and Renewable Energy

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  • six months paid solar


    Upon qualification you'll receive eight months FREE of ZERO payments. Of the eights months we'll pay for six of the payments.
  • real time monitored usage

    Monitored Usage

    Track real-time energy usage through a convienent phone application through IOS and Android.
  • 100% transparency

    100% Transparency

    From start to finish we'll hold your hand the entire way.
  • quality above everything else

    Quality Control

    We're with you the entire way! It doesn't end once installed.
  • zero upfront costs

    Zero Upfront Costs

    Upon applying for financing options no payment is due.

Questions about Solar Installation

Solar installation can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Through this process we'll hold your hand the entire way.

Once solar installation has been completed an integrated phone application needs to be download to track usage.

Since 98% of all solar deals are completed through financing we've created a simple process to see if you pre-qualify for financing. Just answer a few questions HERE.

Since you'll be providing your own energy through the solar panels this will offset the cost of paying for electricity. This only applies when going down the path of financing as your monthly payments will be adjusted to be meet your current electricty bill.

Yes, regardless of what happens to your solar panels you're fully covered under a solar manufacture for 25 years.

At the end of the year upon filing your annual taxes the State of Florida will provide a credit or reembursement of 22% of the total purchase price of solar installation.

Yes, since you'll be providing your own energy through your solar panels this will offset the cost of purchasing solar. That expense from purchasing from the utility company will no be the cost of the new solar panel installaiton.

Yes, all work performed is licesned and insured.

bhild doesn't install the solar panels. While we work with you and guide you through the solar process. bhild partners with a list of solar related companies to ensure everything gets completed with flying colors.