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It's time to call an air conditioner specialist when...

When there is very little air coming from your vents

When and if you notice that your system is blowing out less cool air than you are used to, there could be an issue with your compressor or with your ducts. This is not a situation that you would want to repair yourself. Reach out to your trusted contractor and let them determine what is wrong and the best possible price and solution.

When your ac systems are blowing hot air

If you suddenly realize you are feeling uncomfortable and at the same time your system is blowing out warm air, you need to find pros. Reach out to your local trusted service provider and get a tune-up. They might need to run a test, replace your unit, install a new part, or repair a leak. More heat is not what you want on a long summer day.

When your ac system is making strange noises

First, if you start hearing a strange noise in your house, inspect for ghosts. There might be an issue with a belt or fan, and just like your vehicle, they'll need repairs or to be replaced. If you come across a ghost that falls out of bhilds offered services, and we are not sure what that would cost, go into the light. We recommend getting someone to your site asap if you hear strange noises from your ac unit.

When your ac system seems to be making a foul smell.

Just like you'd take notice and be concerned if you noticed an odd smell coming from your vehicle, the same goes for your ac unit. This symptom is a beginning indicator that something needs service, and it will affect your comfort. A light stale smell could mean you've for some mold build-up in an air filter or the unit. A burning smell would indicate that something might damage wiring or other elements. Either smell requires services and a tune-up.

When the cost of cooling your space is much higher in price.

If you notice you need to pay twice as much for electricity as the previous month, this is an indication that you might require some services. If this happens, you might be experiencing an issue with your refrigerant, filters, or leaks. You will want to contact a trusted provider to come and test your system.

My house feels humid.

When humidity is high in the heat of summer, it's a miserable affair and a sign your air conditioners need help. Lots of moisture in the air suggests an issue with the evaporator coil, condenser coils, or other components. Just like your car, your AC needs maintenance to keep running its best. Thankfully, when you call bhild, a technician will arrive quickly with all the equipment needed to perform maintaining work or repairs. Whether work is needed on the compressor, coils, or a complete line check, we'll get the moisture down, replace any necessary parts and get your systems back on point.

My filters are dirty or get dirty very quickly.

Replacing your filters often, or noticing lots of debris on the filter, can be a sign of issues with other components. If you feel you replace your filters more often it could be time to schedule repairs. Filters are a critical component of airflow for AC systems. Debris build-up and other filter woes could mean it's time to call a technician, not to mention nobody enjoys hopping in the car and making several trips to the store for a new filter! Rather than purchasing another replacement, consider giving bhild a call to identify the issue. We work fast and are committed to providing a high quality of service at a value you love.

I missed regular maintenance on my air conditioners.

It never feels good to realize you forgot to maintain something - from your car refrigerant to changing the batteries in the remote, we know it's the little things that make life run smoother. Luckily, our specialists are on hand to help. We understand that maintaining your AC makes it last longer and increases performance and efficiency. From checking your evaporator coil and furnace to testing the condenser, we're ready to help. The Florida heat makes keeping your AC in working order ever more important, give us a call today to talk about maintaining your system.

Gainesville Air Conditioning Service

Serving the Gainesville area for all your air conditioners needs.

ac repair

Air Conditioning System Repair

Providing heat or cool refreshing air to your environment is paramount, especially in Florida. bhild makes AC repair stress-free and affordable, so you don't have to worry when you reach out to build.

air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Like your vehicle needs regular maintenance, the same upkeep is required for any HVAC system. We recommend regular tune-ups to prevent any leaks or malfunctions. Don't

air conditioning duct services

Air Conditioning Duct Services

Some people think, erroneously, that they can properly clean their air-ducts. However, the reality is that your average building manager or homeowner does not have the proper vacuums or rotary brushes. You could likely damage pieces or even hurt yourself. Feel free to remove visible dust from the ducts, but contact a service provider or additional maintenance.

emergency ac service

Air Conditioner Urgent Service

Being without air conditioning in the Florida heat can quickly become an emergency. We encourage our customers to consider regular ac maintenance and duct service to keep their unit in optimum condition and catch issues early. However, if you have a problem cooling your home or business, from total shut down to blowing warm air, bhild is ready to help. Our technicians respond quickly and are trained to diagnose, repair and maintain your air conditioning to a high quality at the lowest price.

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