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It's time to call an air conditioner specialist when...

My air conditioner is blowing warm air.

If your AC system is acting more like a heating system, it's time to call! When temperatures rise and your air conditioners need to work as hard as you do, hot air is the last thing anybody needs. Not only does hot air fail in keeping your home or workplace comfortable in the heat, it means an AC service and test is in order. Call our certified technicians as soon as you notice the warm air. bhild will respond quickly with trained technicians who specialize in getting your ac unit repaired to a high standard.

There's little or no cool air coming from my AC system.

When temperatures rise in Florida, homes and businesses alike rely on their ac unit for cool air and providing relief from the heat. When airflow is poor and efficiency is low, spaces start heating up and growing in humidity - a miserable environment at home or work. Give bhild a call and schedule a specialist technician to help. Whether your air conditioners need maintenance or repair to solve the issue, we'll handle it quickly and professionally and show you why our customers love us.

My air conditioner is louder than usual.

Nothing ruins the quiet life like noisy air conditioners. Whether the noise is inside your home, coming from the compressor and outdoor unit, or the thermostat, it's a sure sign that it's time for some regular maintenance or that your air conditioner needs repair. Just like your car, loud or new sounds, are often a sign of maintenance like refrigerant or repair, being necessary. From tune ups such as checking refrigerant levels to routine maintenance of the evaporator coil, or repair of coil fins and other moving parts our technicians are ready to help. Calling us as soon as you notice your air conditioners are louder or sounding different, can help prevent further issues or damage to your system.

My air conditioning system smells bad!

If any part of your AC system starts to smell, it's time to give us a call. A bad smell from your AC can quickly permeate your home which is miserable in itself, but also the sign of bigger problems. From issues that block airflow to dirty filters or over heating and burning wires, more investigation and regular ac maintenance are needed to ensure your comfort and safety. If you notice a foul odor coming from the vents, surrounding areas, or anywhere in your AC unit, turn off the system for safety and call bhild right away.

My energy bill has increased I'm worried about my air conditioner's energy consumption.

Nobody likes to be surprised by a big energy bill. When the efficiency of your ac system drops, it's time to call a technician to test its energy consumption and identify any problems. While being proactive and checking window seals before and during the cooling season can help, a large decrease in efficiency usually indicates something has changed and additional services are needed. From maintenance to replacing parts, give us a call and schedule today to get your energy bill back under control and your system running its best all summer long.

My house feels humid.

When humidity is high in the heat of summer, it's a miserable affair and a sign your air conditioners need help. Lots of moisture in the air suggests an issue with the evaporator coil, condenser coils, or other components. Just like your car, your AC needs maintenance to keep running its best. Thankfully, when you call bhild, a technician will arrive quickly with all the equipment needed to perform maintaining work or repairs. Whether work is needed on the compressor, coils, or a complete line check, we'll get the moisture down, replace any necessary parts and get your systems back on point.

My filters are dirty or get dirty very quickly.

Replacing your filters often, or noticing lots of debris on the filter, can be a sign of issues with other components. If you feel you replace your filters more often it could be time to schedule repairs. Filters are a critical component of airflow for AC systems. Debris build-up and other filter woes could mean it's time to call a technician, not to mention nobody enjoys hopping in the car and making several trips to the store for a new filter! Rather than purchasing another replacement, consider giving bhild a call to identify the issue. We work fast and are committed to providing a high quality of service at a value you love.

I missed regular maintenance on my air conditioners.

It never feels good to realize you forgot to maintain something - from your car refrigerant to changing the batteries in the remote, we know it's the little things that make life run smoother. Luckily, our specialists are on hand to help. We understand that maintaining your AC makes it last longer and increases performance and efficiency. From checking your evaporator coil and furnace to testing the condenser, we're ready to help. The Florida heat makes keeping your AC in working order ever more important, give us a call today to talk about maintaining your system.

Ocala AC Services

Serving the Ocala area for all your air conditioners needs.

ac repair

Air Conditioning System Repair

Here in Florida, we rely heavily on our climate control! With high temperatures and humid air, our systems run for a large part of the year. When your condenser breaks or your apparatus underperforms reach out to the experts at bhild. We pride ourselves on an unmatched customer experience and doing quality work at a value you'll love.

ac installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Our trained technicians are ready to install the unit that meets your cooling needs, and your budget. We work closely with our customers to identify their personal preferences and provide them with the best quality and most cost-effective options to install what works for their needs. Whether you're shopping for your store, home, or commercial building, trust bhild to provide the best special offers and take care of your Gainesville AC install.

air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

JJust like your vehicle needs refrigerant, your cooling system needs maintenance too. Due to the high demand of the Florida climate, it's easy for your unit to fall behind on routine maintenance and begin to underperform. From energy efficiency to effective cooling, build understands how important your AC is. A little maintenance and tune up on common problems now can help avoid unexpected issues, and bigger expenses later. Give us a call to set up regular service, and keep your cooling system running its best all summer long.

air conditioning duct services

Air Conditioning Duct Services

Your system's ducts are as vital to it running well as any other component. Ducts are largely responsible for airflow and allow air to pass from the unit into the home, so leaks, debris, or blocks quickly become a major problem. Issues with the ducts compromise the integrity of the home and force your unit to work harder. This increases the wear and tear and can quickly lead to yet more headaches. Performing regular duct service and tune up can catch any cracks, leaks or build-up when they begin, can help avoid damage and keep major problems at bay.

emergency ac service

Air Conditioner Urgent Service

Being without air conditioning in the Florida heat can quickly become an emergency. We encourage our customers to consider regular ac maintenance and duct service to keep their unit in optimum condition and catch issues early. However, if you have a problem cooling your home or business, from total shut down to blowing warm air, bhild is ready to help. Our technicians respond quickly and are trained to diagnose, repair and maintain your air conditioning to a high quality at the lowest price.

Our AC Service Projects in Ocala Florida.

    Common Questions

    Check out our frequently asked questions below and find all the information you need to take advantage of our commitment to serving the Gainesville area, today.

    What area do you provide AC Service to?

    We operate and provide AC services throughout Marion, Alachua & Levy Counties. This includes Ocala, Gainesville, Dunnellon, Bronson, The Villages, Williston, Archer, and Newberry Florida.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    bhild accepts all major credit cards (3% processing fee), cash, check and other mobile payments (PayPal, Zelle, Cashapp). Further we also offer financing options up to 12 years.

    How much do service calls cost?

    ll of our service calls are FREE. Further you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment of your air conditioning unit detailing the issues.

    How do I go about getting a free estimate or getting started?

    Provide us with your contact information from above to get started and a team member will be in contact with you soon.

    Do you also provide commercial air conditioning repair?

    es, we provide commercial air conditioning repair this includes all necessary insurance for each job.

    Do your ac repair come with any assurances?

    Yes, if the problem isn’t fixed we’ll return and resolve issue free of charge.

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