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  • By: Nicholas Indellicati
  • Date: Oct 23 2020

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Are you looking for a reliable option of grass for your lawn? When you start looking for it, there are many options available. You will consider many factors. These factors include maintenance, coverage, and climate. Further, maintenance and cost are also vital points. Yet, you need not worry!

We will provide complete information on the best lawn grass. Yes, you read it right. It’s Bahia sod. Bahiagrass is a great option with many benefits. Besides, the unique features of Bahia sod make it stand out. Let’s discuss it. Likewise, you will know whether Bahia sod is the right option for your lawn or not. Let’s begin.

What is Bahia Sod?

Bahia belongs to the Poaceae family and, often stated as Pensacola grass.  it’s also called Paspalum Notatum. Some other common names of Bahia sod are

  • Bahiagrass
  • Common Bahia
  • Pensacola Bahia

Moreover, Bahia produces dark green, vertical blades that spread through roots. This warm-season grass can tolerate hefty foot traffic, drought, and poor soil. Thus, the maintenance need lowers. It’s considered unique for producing thick turf. Bahia sod has a unique growth pattern.

Bahiagrass matures in limited sunlight and low pH (5-6.5). With proper maintenance, Bahia raises with sod. Bahiagrass is valuable due to its resistance against heat and drought. Yet, it thrives in a few regions of the United States. Bahia sod yields a low-maintenance yet durable turf. If your lawn’s soil supplements the Bahia’s growth. Then, this grass is an excellent option for you.


What Are The Common Types Of Bahia In The United States?

There are three common types of Bahia, such as:

1. Common Bahia

Common Bahia grass is an exceptional choice for your lawn grass. Yet, it can’t tolerate cold weather.  Common Bahia appears in a light color.

2. Pensacola Bahia

In 1935, the grass did grow especially for Pensacola, Florida. But, it’s the most used type all around the United States today. Bahiagrass withstands both cold and hot environments. Also, it works with potential dangers.

3. Argentine Bahia

Argentine is an excellent option for a wider variety of lawn conditions. It has a dense cod and dark green color. Additionally, Argentine Bahia works in a cold environment. Further, it does well against insects and pathogens.

What are The Advantages of Bahia Sod?

Before selecting the grass for your lawn, you must know its advantages and benefits. Bahia sod has various advantages. Here is an overview of them:

  • Least maintenance
  • Broad root system
  • Works in acidic soil
  • Adapts infertile or sandy soil conditions
  • Works in sites missing an irrigation system
  • Does not grow dense rushes
  • Requires less watering
  • Does not need fertilizing
  • Reseeds itself
  • Grows from either seed or already developed sod
  • Resists against insects and pathogens
  • Works well against many diseases

What Are The Significant Factors for Growing Bahia Sod?

Growing with sod or seed

Although Bahia can grow from either seed or sod. Yet, people usually prefer to begin with seeds because it costs less. Additionally, Bahia seeds growing requires less time and energy. If you’re selecting seeds, it will take much longer to develop.

Furthermore, Bahia seeds take more time due to a slow growth rate. You can prefer Bahia sod over Bahia seeds due to the rate of sod establishment. While with sod there are lower chances of weeds growth compared to seeding.

Planting Season

The ideal time to grow Bahia grass is spring to early summers, like Florida’s climate. The grass establishes before hot summer days. Moreover, Bahia’s growth slows in winters. Yet, you can plant Bahia at any time of the year. Yet its growth remains slow. In the United States, summer is the perfect time for growing Bahia sod. Further, it establishes on your lawn.

Flowering time

Generally, Bahia’s timing to flower is from June to November. But, if you plant Bahia in an optimal climate, it may grow.

Water Need

Regular watering is essential to strengthen the Bahia’s root system. Still, Bahiagrass does not need much water once established. But it may need proper watering during the growth process. Further, you can choose enhanced seeds. Moreover, springing and plugging aren’t recommended options. They may make room for weeds growth.

Land Preparation

Whatever the grass you’re growing, it’s always an excellent option to prepare your lawn for seeding. Furthermore, once the sod is laid out, it’s best not to mow it until the roots had a chance to establish within 5-7 weeks. Also, avoid cutting your yard for the initial two to three weeks of seeding.

pH level:

Your yard’s high pH level can render Bahia grass to suffer from an iron deficiency. Also, they may begin to yellow. You may resolve this issue by adding the iron source. Besides, nitrogen deficiencies in Bahia sod can also cause yellowing. You may check the cause of discoloration before spreading the fertilizers. Thus, low pH (5-6) is the best option to grow Bahia sod.


Although fertilization is not compulsory once the lawn establishes. But, it helps the Bahiagrass to grow faster and give strength to the grass. Fertilization helps to reduce diseases, insects, and weeds. Besides, you may get knowledge of the state’s regulations of fertilization. Moreover, the factors affecting the fertilization method of Bahia grass are:

  • Soil test results
  • Clipping practice and management
  • Your personal preferences (low or high input grass)
  • Area of shade
  • The range of establishment time (new or older)


Bahiagrass should mow every 1 to 2 weeks during the active growth. The height of the grass must be 3-4 inches. But, Bahia requires trimming year-round. As it grows in a climate that stays warms year-round. The more frequent you mow, the extensive roots develop.

Likewise, mowing helps the grass to stay healthy. You may leave grass cutting from clippings on the ground. Furthermore, it will help to increase nutrients and reduces the use of fertilization.

Drought Condition

Bahia sod works well in drought conditions, but it becomes brown without water. The growth of sod reduces due to reduced watering. You may need water to consider when you notice:

  • Wilting and folding
  • Prominent foot marks
  • The grass becomes brown or grey-blue.

Although Bahia sod does not need much irrigation until drought-like condition develops. Further, Bahia sod recovers from drought situation once watered. Besides, be careful of overwatering. That can trigger weed growth and weakens turf.

Pest Management

Bahia is less at risk of the pest and weeds than the other grasses. In case of any issue, you should know the exact management. Further, it’s essential to manage your lawn according to the grass’s type.


In Bahia sod, weeds are the most extensive problem. You may deal with them by keeping your lawn neat.  So, the turf reduces weed growth.


The mole cricket is the most common insect that harms Bahiagrass. These insects cause much damage. But, you can resolve this issue. You may get rid of by spotting the tunnels, applying water, and spraying detergent mixture.


Even though there are a few diseases that harm Bahiagrass. The Dollar Spot is the most general and detectable. You may resolve this disease by applying light nitrogen. Besides, you may consult a pest manager better to control any condition.

What Are the Applications of Bahia Sod?

Pensacola Bahia can handle extreme drought, acidity, and drainage. These significant characteristics of Bahia make it incredible. But what specific application of Bahia sod is the best? Let’s discuss this.

Residential Use

The homeowners can plant Bahia grass on their lawn or backyard. Because it’s beautiful green blades, give a soothing view. Besides, Bahia’s shade tolerance for tropical grass makes it’s more applicable. Furthermore, you may mow Bahia grass.

Another thing is Pensacola Bahia is a fast and aggressive growing grass. You may have to mow your lawn every weekend. Thus, you should keep your yard well fenced off to avoid the weed’s growth.

Commercial Entities

The hardiness, rapid spread, and attractive look make Bahiagrass the best choice. You can use it for ground cover. Besides, Pensacola Bahia turns any area into green with its dark-green turf.

We’re either talking about airports or a commercial setting; Bahia sod is applicable. You can say that no grass matches the qualities of Bahia grass as a utility.

Livestock Pasture

The quick-growing feature of Bahia sod makes it perfect for use as a pasture. Furthermore, Pensacola Bahia fulfills the food of livestock. Also, it keeps growing back no matter how many times it cut down. Even it requires low maintenance. Thus, Bahia overgrowth means more food for your livestock.

Soil Management

Bahia sod seems unique in its ability to enhance the quality of the soil. Suppose you have a property that isn’t much fertile property. You may grow Pensacola Bahia that can neutralize its pH and add nutrients.

Additionally, Bahia sod works well against erosion. Also, a dense patch of Bahia can stop water from taking away the soil. Pensacola Bahia competes with other grasses.  It reduces the weed’s growth.


 What is The Price of Bahia Sod Compared with Other Grasses?

Bahia sod is cheap when compared with other grasses. Generally, Argentine Bahia sod is available for $99 for 400 square feet pallet. That is quite reasonable. But another grass, Palmetto St. Augustine, costs $200-$230 for 400 square feet pallet.

Moreover, ProVista St. Augustine is also a good option for your lawn. Yet, it’s expensive at $250 cost. Bermuda sod uses in parks and grounds. But you need an extra budget of $255 for it.  Thus, Bahia sod is the most reasonable option.

What Are The Final Words?

In light of the above facts, Bahia is a fantastic choice for the airport, parks, and commercial areas. Further, the unique features of Bahia sod make it important. Our reliable information will help you to choose the best option.

It’s not wrong to say that a bahiagrass is an excellent option for any place. Further, you should know the risk factors of drought. Moreover, you may test your soil, then look for the precise Bahia’s type. Bahia sod is cheap. So it also adds another plus point. You won’t regret growing Bahia grass. Give it a try!

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