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Concrete Driveway Pavers in Gainesville, Fl

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Prices to Install Concrete Paver Driveway In Ocala, Fl

Cost Estimates of Paver Concrete Driveways

  1. Install Two Car Paver Driveway (550 Sq Ft)$4,950 - $8,414

  2. Install Two Car Paver Driveway & Entrance (750 Sq Ft)$6,750 - $10,403

  3. Install Four Car Paver Driveway (1240 sq Ft)$10,416 - $13,709

  4. Install Four Car Paver Driveway & Entrance (1540 Sq Ft)$12,474 - $15,246

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  • Concrete Paver Driveway Colors & Styles

    Every driveway is unique with mulitple colors, shapes and design patters.

    Tan and Cream Paver Driveway & Entrance

    A unique an elegant driveway consisting of diamond shape internal pattern and an outer border. The inside pattern uses a 4" x 8" brick size that forms a diamond shape using a tan color including the outer perimeter. And one other paver using a cream color with a 12 x 12 paver size.

    White, Pewter, & Gray Paver Driveway & Entrance

    A driveway leading up to entrance way of home. This driveway has four different paver sizes with two different color schemes of pavers. The outer perimeter consists of a grey 12" x 18" paver brick. While the inside is mixture of white and pewter with a brick sizes of Size 1: 9" x 9" Size 2: 9" x 12" Size 3: 9" x 15".

    Tan & Red Paver Driveway

    At roughly 2,000 sq ft this driveway complements the home extremely well. The color scheme is cream and shades of red (Indian summer) with the paver size consisting of three different shapes (Size 1: 4 5/8" x 6 1/4 " Size 2: 6 1/4" 6 1/4" Size 3: 6 1/4" x 9 1/4") of pavers with a cleft on the ends of each.

    Charcoal, Red & Beige Paver Driveway & Entrance

    Beautifully installed large driveway leading up from street to house entrance. This custom drive way is roughly 5,300 sq ft with a color scheme consists of a charcoal, red, and beige with a single 4" x 8" brick size using a random pattern.

    What to consider before adding Driveway Concrete Pavers

    Before adding pavers to a driveway ask yourself the following questions.

    What is the location I'm adding pavers to?

    Are you adding pavers to your home? Or is this for commercial use? 99% of the time commercial use will require permits. While for home use permits aren’t required for Alachua County. But keep in mind that if you have an HOA that it might be necessary to get approval from your HOA prior to work being performed.

    What is the paver area size? Do I want any specific patterns?

    A two car driveway starts at around 500 sq ft ranging to as much as 5,000 sq ft depending on length. And ideally you’d also want to include the walkway and entrance. But aside from the size your choice of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns that can be embedded throughout the paver driveway are endless.

    Is there surrounding trees or brush near of where of where I'm adding pavers?

    Trees or other brush is great for shade or landscaping appeal, but they may cause pavers to attract dirt and cause discoloration to pavers over time. The most suitable solution is staining the pavers from dirt and other debris. This will not only help prevent discoloration, but will further prevent weeds to accumulate and grow in between the pavers.

    Do I have a current structure in place of where pavers are to be placed?

    Typically most clients are choosing to replace the concrete with interlocking pavers. And in most cases laying the pavers directly on top of the existing concrete is the method of action. While there are some circumstances of a driveway or a structure that requires large amounts of weight and will require removal.

    What is the estimated price I can expect to pay?

    The larger the area the price of cost decreases drastically per square footage. While the style of layout cuts, including curved lines will also play a part depending on the hardscaping installed, and if any demolition needs to take place. An average range is roughly from $7 – $13 per Sq Ft ranging from driveways to patios. For projects starting at $1,000 we offer clients the ability to finance their paver project. See if you qualify

    Is the company installing pavers licensed and insured?

    Yes, all our pavers services performed are fully insured, including all necessary licenses to perform work.

    Our Paver Projects in Gainesville Florida.

    • Project Location: Gainesville Hardscaping Driveway

      City: GainesvilleDate of Inquiry: What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Small (Less than 700 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: Traverstone Cream/Orange/Beige
      Zip Code: FL 32607Date of Completion: 20210113Size of Area: Small (Less than 700 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Concrete RemovalComments: Removed walkway and driveway concrete. Existing entrance slab couldn't be removed as it was with the foundation of the home. Therefore pavers were added directly on top of concrete slab. After removing concrete prepared area for pavers. And finally installing pavers to clients specifications.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    • Project Location: Gainesville, FL 32653

      City: Gainesville, FloridaDate of Inquiry: What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Less than 200 Sq FtVariety Selection: White/Tan/Charcoal - Castlerock III
      Zip Code: 32653Date of Completion: 20201211Size of Area: Less than 200 Sq FtOld Surface Removal: NoComments: Client requested an expansion of current outdoor patio to the existing patio of 6 years. We brought samples of the exact pavers to be installed attempting to match existing patio scheme, colors no longer being produced by manufacturer. Total square footage of existing patio was 180 Sq Ft with curved lines.

      Project Pictures (Before and After)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will my driveway pavers crack?

    Interlocking pavers installed on the driveway can bear more a weight of 8000 pounds. Which is  great upside compared to concrete or stamped concrete which commonly crack and can withstand a weight of 3000 pounds.

    2. How long do Pavers Last?

    Pavers offer an expected durability of more than 50 years when installed correctly.

    3. Will the weeds come through the driveway pavers?

    The material added beneath pavers is crushed concrete with zero form of organic matter. Thus weeds can’t grow in or beneath considering enough crushed concrete is added. When weeds do form and proper procedures are taken it’s from above in which seeds are spread from on top of the pavers in to the cracks. The most appropriate solution is to add liquid sealant which acts as an adhesive glue protecting the pavers.

    4. Can I add paver directly over my existing concrete?

    Yes, since an existing structure is already in place is provide a form of support. Instances of where concrete would need to be removed is on driveways or when limited amount of height is needed.

    5. Can tire marks accumulate on my driveway pavers?

    The answer is unfortunately yes. And with all consideration the same does apply to concrete driveways. The best way to combinate this is to have your pavers sealed and a darker color shade of pavers.

    6. What guarantee do I have on work performed?

    Yes, we provide a minimum of a 5 year craftsmanship warranty on all paver service. Further details for warranty are provided in our terms of service.

    7. What payment methods do you accept?

    bhild accepts all major credit cards (3% processing fee), cash, check, other mobile payments (paypal, zelle, cash app), and 100% financing up to $100,000. APR range from 6.9% and upwards.

    8. How long will it take to be fully installed?

    In most cases we provide within one day of initial contact a detailed quote, this includes a blueprint, costs, and terms of work. After contract and HOA (if applicable) is approved our average completion time is within one week of initial contact.

    9. How can I qualify for financing?

    Yes, visit the following link to if you pre qualify for financing.

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