Pressure Washing 101

  • By: Garrett Denmark
  • Date: Jun 22 2022

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Pressure washing 101 guide

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home or business looking its best and prevents costly repairs for the future. Most would argue that pressure washing is generally the best option for cleaning stained patio furniture, house washing, and roof cleaning. Pressure washing 101, will cover the pressure washing process, the different types of equipment, and answer real questions that most homeowners have about pressure washing. Once you’re finished reading this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for your next pressure washing project.

Pressure Washing Equipment

Types of Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers are a great option for jobs that are in residential neighborhoods and require light-duty machines or less cleaning power. Some electric pressure washers are battery power allowing them to be more mobile, quiet, and have no exhaust. Most DIY pressure washing setups are electric and allow homeowners to clean lots of surfaces.

light pressure washing screens

Gas Pressure Washer

Gas-powered machines are generally high-power pressure washing machines that are used to deep clean hard surfaces and stubborn stains. Gas pressure washers are typically professional-level machines with very high PSI (pounds per square inch) which can be used for stripping paint.

Pressure washing brick wall

Roller Washer

Roller pressure washers are typically used to clean large flat surfaces like driveways and patios because they have a wide circular head with brushes that scrub the surface as it sprays, removing stains with ease.

Roller pressure washer

Different Pressure Washer Nozzles

Pressure washers generally have different colored spray nozzles which provide a different PSI (pounds per square inch), GPM (gallons per minute), and coverage. Each nozzle has a different degree which corresponds with a different spread, speed, and strength of spray from the pressure washer. A great way to think of the different nozzles is to compare them to different settings for your machine.

Pressure washing 101 nozzle

Pressure Washing Process

when you first start pressure washing stand 4 to 5 feet away from the object you are trying to clean. Depending on the strength of the stain and surface of the object you’re cleaning adjust how far you’re standing from the object and which nozzle you’re using. For more stubborn stains can cover the area with soap or chemicals which can be helpful to remove built-up grime. Choosing the correct nozzle for your pressure washing machine and standing at the right distance for the object that you’re spraying is essential for giving you the best results. Following this pressure washing 101 guide will ensure you get the best results and avoid damages that could be worth thousands.

Pressure washing pavers

What Can You Pressure wash?

Almost all surfaces can be pressure washed, it just depends on the PSI of the machine you’re using. Pressure washing can be used to clean screens, concrete, metal, and just about any other surface that gets dirty. As long as you use the correct spray setting and equipment for the surface you’re cleaning the results will be great.

house pressure washing

wooden deck pressure washing

soft pressure washing

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washing Business for you

Make sure they are certified and insured

One of the first questions you should ask the business is whether or not they’re licensed and insured. This is true for almost any service that there is a commercial license available. If a business is licensed to perform a service, and in this case pressure washing, it ensures that they have the correct skills and knowledge to do the job correctly.

bhild is a fully licensed and insured pressure washing business that has over 15 years of pressure washing experience. These certifications and experience ensures more than base line knowledge and quality service.

Make sure they offer satisfaction guarantee

A pressure washing business that stands by its service and guarantees satisfaction generally does a better job. They will take the necessary steps to complete the jobs to the best of its ability. Pressure washing businesses that focus areas are sales or marketing generally are not thinking about providing the best experience for the client.

bhild offers a satisfaction guarantee on all their pressure washing jobs. As a business, bhild aims to provide quality services with professionalism for every client.

pressure washing licensed & insured

Pressure washing experience

pressure washing satisfaction guranteed


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If you’re thinking about getting a cost estimate for a pressure washing job, please visit our website or pressure washing page for more information beyond pressure washing 101

pressure washing services bhild offers

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