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Choose from a range of our Hardscaping & Landscaping services to improve your outdoor living space with hardscaping Newberry, FL. Get a free estimate within a couple of hours.

Price Ranges for Hardscaping Newberry, FL

Bring your home or business ideas to life with bhild's hardscaping & landscaping services from a new paver driveway to lawn maintenance. Whether your business needs a professional new look, or you need help accomplishing a home project, bhild guarantees an outstanding job for a low price. When image matters, choose bhild, a company you can trust for an amazing job and great service.

From the time you visit the form above or call, we'll promptly return your request with comprehensive free estimates to bring your North Central Florida landscape design dreams to life. The best landscaping is enhanced with quality hardscaping. Compare quotes today.

Paver Materials & Styles

There is a wide selection of pavers provided by our company for any property, home or business, each offering a unique style. We love adding curb appeal and value for any home or business owner by exceeding expectations at a reasonable price. Whatever your concerns or budget, our selection of reliable, top quality pavers ensures you will find one that you will absolutely love with unbeatable service.

Concrete Pavers

Often referred to as "paving stones" or "concrete paving stones," they are a a versatile option for hardscaping projects from patio pavers to retaining walls. Concrete pavers are used to elevate landscape design for a very long time.

Concrete Paver Applications in Newberry,FL

Travertine Pavers

An eye-catching stone that brings a new level of sophistication to any Florida property, travertine is perfect for pool decks and other outdoor surfaces at home or at a business location. Travertine stays cool underfoot unlike other types of natural or manufactured stone which makes it perfect for homes and businesses. This paver will transform any yard into a completed oasis right at home.

Bluestone Pavers

This stone will serve to restore natural beauty to any yard or business premises. Bluestone earns highly rated reviews based on its ability to support substantial weight. As a result, this naturally-toned paver performs great in various landscape applications for homes and businesses, when installed by professional landscaping contractors.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers bring an entirely new level of elegance to landscaping a yard for home or business. This stone is dignified and durable yet soft, perfect to elevate a yard or garden with pristine landscape options at reasonable pricing.

Clay & Brick Pavers

Solid clay bricks are hard-fired at high temperatures to create optimal strength for any construction site. This process results in a long-lasting material that performs exceptionally and is easy for owners to maintain, eliminating the need for future projects or extra lawn care.

What to consider before Hiring Landscaping Contractors For Hardscaping Newberry, FL

Before beginning construction service on any hardscaping project, clarify the following concerns.

1. Where will this Newberry project take place?

Are you planning to hire landscape contractors to add pavers for your home or business? In most cases, ordinances will require permits and verify licenses from businesses, which may incur additional cost. While permits for home use is less common, be sure to search for your county’s ordinances to ensure the ideal landscape or hardscape design for your lawn. Most cities require less restrictions on lawn maintenance or landscape design projects than hardscaping projects.

2. Is there a current structure where the pavers will go?

In most cases, professional landscape contractors will lay the pavers atop an existing area as viable method of action for repair. Some circumstances may require the removal of previously-paved slabs depending on weight ratings and professional opinion from our landscape contractors. If there is nothing but clear landscaping in the lawn, landscape contractors at our company will just as easily have the job completed within the same schedule and budget.

3. What is your desired hardscape or landscape design?

There are an endless amount of hardscaping and landscaping applications and configurations from walkways to pool decks that will serve to elevate any Florida yard or garden. With such an array of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, you’re bound to find a design you love, within your budget, by using our services. bhild’s expert landscape contractors will work extensively with any customer to find exactly what they want.

4. Do you have an HOA?

If you live in a community with a homeowners’ association, be sure to check for any regulations on additions to your lawn. HOA regulations typically require a submission of exact project details, Hire one of our professional landscape contractors to map out and plan this process for your home or business.

5. Is your lawn surrounded by trees or brush?

Although tree coverage is common in Florida and provides natural beauty and shade, it causes discoloration of pavers over time. Discoloration comes from staining of the interlocking pavers or settled dirt from the lawn. Without needing additional landscape maintenance or lawn care, the best solution, in this case, is to add liquid sealant to the pavers. The sealant will reduce the need for repair, lawn care and will prevent discoloration. Work with one of bhild’s expert landscapers to protect your lawn or business pavers.

6. What is the estimated shape and size of the area needing hardscaping?

bhild reduces the cost per square foot for large lawn areas in Florida. The style of pavers and cuts, including curved lines and interlocking pavers, will also adjust the cost. Contact bhild today to get an estimate from one of our landscapers.

Our Hardscaping Projects in Newberry Florida.

  • Project Name: Backyard Paver Patio in Newberry

    City: Newberry, FLDate of Inquiry: May 01st 2021What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Very Large (More than 1000 Sq Ft)Variety Selection: Traverstones (60mm) & Freedom Charcoal (60mm)
    Zip Code: Florida 32669Date of Completion: November 20th 2021Size of Area: Very Large (Less than 1000 Sq Ft)Old Surface Removal: Grass and Dirt Comments: Client wanted to add a paver patio to their grass backyard. After removing the grass and grading the 1052 Sq Ft area, Traverstone pavers were installed with Freedom Charcoal paver boarders. By adding this new paver patio we were able to totally transform the client's backyard and let them enjoy their outdoor space.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Pavers Crack?

Interlocking pavers provide great upsides compared to concrete or stamped concrete which commonly crack. Pavers provide superior durability and ability to customize landscaping for yards or businesses. Check out our page that details the differences between pavers and concrete.

2. How long do pavers Last?

Verified reviews find that interlocking pavers offer an expected durability of over 50 years when installed by one of our landscape contractors. Pavers require little lawn maintenance by an owner, family or business once installed. bhild offers competitive pricing and superior service compared to other landscaping companies in Florida.

3. Do weeds come through the pavers?

The material added to fill the service area beneath pavers is crushed concrete, similar to gravel, with zero form of organic matter. Weeds can’t grow in or beneath pavers when enough crushed concrete is properly added by our landscape contractors. When weeds do form after proper procedures are taken, a review of the lawn will likely indicate that the issue comes from seeds that have fallen from trees overhead. The most appropriate solution is to add liquid sealant atop the pavers to fill the space between. This method does a really good job saving the owner money over the life of the pavers and requires limited lawn maintenance.

4. Do Landscaping Companies add pavers directly over existing concrete?

Yes, since an existing structure is already in place to provide a form of support, landscaping companies will add pavers over existing concrete to fill the area. Instances of where concrete would need to be removed is on driveways where our crew of landscapers decides a limited amount of height is available in that location, or when a review of the yard shows irrigation may impede a job.

5. What areas do you provide paver services?

We operate and provide paver services throughout the counties of Marion, FL, Alachua, FL and Levy, FL. This includes Ocala, FL, Gainesville, FL, Dunnellon, FL, Bronson, FL, The Villages, FL, Williston, FL, Archer, FL, Newberry Florida & more. We do not yet provide services outside of Florida in areas like West Columbia, SC or Little Mountain, SC. Be sure to check our website to make sure we service your location and to find landscapers for your Florida project.

6. What Warranties does bhild offer?

We provide a minimum of a 5 year craftsmanship warranty on all paver services. Further details for warranty are provided on our website under terms of service. Most rating-based reviews from former customers offer a high review and are satisfied with our price structure, warranties and the diligent work provided by our company.

7. What payment methods do you accept?

bhild accepts all major credit cards (3% processing fee), cash, check, other mobile payments (PayPal, Zelle, Cash App), and 100% financing up to $100,000. APR ranges from 6.9% and upwards. bhild is proud to offer competitive pricing on all services when compared to related cost guides. Unlike other landscaping companies, our business requires zero down payment for any customer; payment for service can begin up to 30-45 days after approval.

9. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, in addition to keeping our word by providing excellent workmanship, bhild carries all necessary landscape insurance and licenses for hire, repair, installation and more. Treat yourself to your dream yard, garden or other area by hiring bhild, a professional company you can trust with peace-of-mind on your side.

10. How long will it take to be fully installed?

In most cases, we provide a detailed estimate within 72 hours of initial contact. This quote includes a blueprint of the job, associated costs, and terms of work for all service from local landscapers. After the contract, and the HOA, (if applicable) is approved, our average completion schedule for recent requests is within one week of initial contact. This will vary based if our local crew of landscapers have the correct project items at hand and in stock for installation service in the Newberry, High Springs or Gainesville area.

11. Where can I find reviews to guarantee an outstanding job?

Our homepage features customer spotlights that offer real reviews from homeowners and businesses. Spotlights range from work with interlocking pavers plus landscape projects, repair and more. Search for us online to link us to third-party reviews and ratings of our business from sites like Home Advisor and Yelp.

12. What other service options does bhild offer?

bhild’s expert landscape contractors can provide a variety of other landscaping and hardscaping service options in Florida based on customer request for home or business. Hardscaping service is available for installation of patios, retaining walls, driveways and various alternative structures. All service options are available for businesses and homes in our serviceable areas in Florida! bhild proudly offers many other services to ensure that our clients are left with all needs satisfied and no stone unturned. Directly related to paver installation, we offer sealing and pressure washing to keep your pavers pristine well into the future. Our landscapers also provide sod installation, artificial turf installation, tree services and other landscaping services to keep the rest of your property just as beautiful as your new pavers. If you are looking for unrelated services, check out our other offerings. Turn your lawn into your dream oasis with a secure surface for your family and friends, or elevate the professional look of your business property.

13. Can I pre-qualify for financing?

Yes, we allow clients to pre-qualify for financing through GoodLeap. Once project estimates are finalized, our financing team will ensure opportunities to pre-qualify. Check out our financing options and other information here.

14. How is quality guaranteed for materials used?

bhild only works with a carefully selected group of manufactures like Flagstone, Belgard, and Tremron. Each of these manufactures are located from Orlando to Jacksonville, Florida. Working with local manufacturers allows us to ensure rapid service and completion for all paver services.

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