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Concrete Patio Pavers In Ocala

Choose from a range of our Hardscaping & Ocala Pavers Service with variety of ways to improve your outdoor living space. Get a free estimate within a couple hours.

ocala paver pool with drains installed. The paver colors are beige, tan, charcoal with beige coping.

Price Ranges for Hardscaping in Ocala, FL

Whatever your home or business dreams, when it comes to landscape, bhild has got you covered. Whether your business needs a professional facelift or your house needs work in the yard, bhild offers quality craftsmanship that oozes style, at a low cost. When image matters, choose a company you can trust for a great job and world-class on-demand service.

When you request your quote, our team of experts is ready to help. From the time you call us on the phone or visit the form below, we'll return your request quickly, with a comprehensive quote to make your Florida landscape dream, a reality.

What to consider before adding Concrete Patio Pavers

Before beginning any hardscaping project ask yourself the following questions.

1. What kind of location is this?

Are you adding pavers to your home? Or is this for commercial use? Commercial use 99% of the time there will be permits involved. While for home use permits aren’t required for Marion County or Ocala Florida while it might be necessary that your HOA require you show documentation of work to be performed.

2. Is there a current structure in place for your paver patio?

Typically most clients are choosing to replace their concrete slab with interlocking pavers. And in most cases laying the pavers directly on top of the existing concrete is the method of action for paver patio or walkable areas. While there are some circumstances of a driveway or a structure that requires large amounts of weight that will require removal of an existing concrete slab.

3. What is the desired hardscaping scheme look your are trying to accomplish?

There are many different hardscaping applications from installing a driveway, an outdoor kitchen, or adding rocks to your landscape. With endless shapes, sizes, colors, and the type of material being the largest reason for cost difference (concrete, bluestone, travertine, clay). Since you’re considering a paver patio adding a paver fire pit or a sitting bench will provide more use and appeal to your outdoor living space.

4. Do you have an HOA? And if you do is there any regulation?

If you have an HOA about 90% of the time there is going to be some type of approval required to start any modifications to your home. This typically involves submitting detailed documentation of the exact project details. HOA typically approve a span of one to two weeks.

5. Is your surrounding areas surrounded by trees or brush?

Trees or other brush is great for shade or decoration, but they can cause a lot of discoloration over time. This could be from staining the pavers or an accumulation of dirt. The best solution for this is to add liquid sealant. This will not only help prevent discoloration, but will further prevent weeds to accumulate and grow in between the pavers.

6. What is my estimated shape and size of the area needing hardscaping?

The larger the area the price of cost decreases drastically per square footage.  While the style of layout cuts, including curved lines will also play a part depending on the hardscaping installed.

Our Hardscaping Projects in Ocala Florida.

  • Project Name: Ocala Pavers Patio & Walkways

    City: Ocala FlDate of Inquiry: December 16th 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: More than 1200 Sq FtVariety Selection: Traverstone (Cream/Beige/Charcoal) and Freedom Pavers (Charcoal) by Flagstone Pavers
    Zip Code: 34482Date of Completion: December 01st 2020Size of Area: Paver Patio & WalkwayOld Surface Removal: NoneComments: Client requested to spice up his outdoor living space by adding appeal with concrete pavers. We proceed by adding pavers directly above the concrete with a base of washed and screened sand. All of this was completed with a border trim of a 4 x 8 charcoal border. A job well done with excelled workmanship by our hardscaping crew at bhild.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

  • Project Name: Ocala Paver Pressure Washing, Resanding & Sealing

    City: Ocala, FloridaDate of Inquiry: August 30th 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: N/AVariety Selection: Paver Sand & Water Based Sealant
    Zip Code: 34481Date of Completion: October 24th 2020Size of Area: More than 1000 Sq FtOld Surface Removal: Grime and sandComments: Pressure washed throughout the entire area using a surface cleaner and wand as this job required a heavy amount of attention. We further proceeded to re-sanding the pavers and lastly sealing the pavers with a water based sealant of two coats.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

  • Project Name: Ocala Concrete Paver Driveway

    City: Ocala, FloridaDate of Inquiry: December 23rd 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Medium (More than) 700 Sq FtVariety Selection: Freedom Concrete Pavers by Flagstone Pavers (White/Tan/Charcoal)
    Zip Code: 34481Date of Completion: December 31st 2020Size of Area: Paver Driveway, Walkway, & EntranceOld Surface Removal: Concrete DrivewayComments: Beautifully oriented 4" x 8" concrete pavers throughout the driveway and walkway. The concrete driveway was removed with base material added throughout the driveway (road base II) and walkway (washed and screened sand). The pattern consisted of a herringbone pattern.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

  • Project Name: Ocala Elevated Paver Patio & Retaining Wall

    City: Ocala, FloridaDate of Inquiry: August 22nd 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: More than 700 Sq FtVariety Selection: 6" x 6" (Beige/Tan/Charcoal), 4" x 8" Pavers(Charcoal), Stonegate (Glacier), Podocarpus Hedges 4ft, River Rocks
    Zip Code: 34491Date of Completion: December 11th 2020Size of Area: More than 400 Sq FtOld Surface Removal: GrassComments: The client wanted to add a touch of elegance and sophistication when designing their outdoor space. To do this, we installed pavers that are 6" x 6", along with 4" x 8” stones in the border pattern around it! We also added hedges for privacy fueled by drip irrigation and furthermore rivers rocks too. To finish off this beautiful design we set enclose it behind our high retaining wall which keeps everything secure and private.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

  • Project Name: Ocala Back Yard Patio, Fire Pit & Landscaping Walls

    City: Ocala, FloridaDate of Inquiry: December 02nd 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Medium (More than) 700 Sq FtVariety Selection: Old Towne Pavers (Sierra), Fire Pit Bricks (Sierra), Landscaping Bricks (Sierra)
    Zip Code: 34481Date of Completion: December 18th 2020Size of Area: Paver Patio Addition + Landscaping Wall + Fire PitOld Surface Removal: Grass and Tree LimbsComments: The old towne paver, color sierra, by Tremon Pavers was used throughout the patio, steps, firepit and walls per the owner request. Truly an exceptional excellent workmanship provided by the team. Client is interested in adding a sitting bench to enjoy around the firepit.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

  • Project Name: Ocala Pavers Extension and Retaining Wall

    City: Ocala FLDate of Inquiry: December 02nd 2020What Kind of Location: Home/ResidenceGrading Required: Small (Less than) 300 Sq FtVariety Selection: Glacier Pavers + Stone Blocks(Sierra) and Glacier Cap
    Zip Code: 34481Date of Completion: December 18th 2020Size of Area: Paver Patio Addition + Landscaping WallOld Surface Removal: Plants, Grass, Existing Pavers and MulchComments: Client wanted an extension of existing entrance and a border landscaping wall to surround landscaping beds. Therefore, removed all existing plants and built a perimeter around. We made sure to accent the color scheme of the house.

    Project Pictures (Before and After)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my patio stones crack?

When installing patio pavers the thickness will vary based on preference and current existing structure. If very little weight will be placed upon pavers than pavers at roughly 1″ is perfectly fine considering if there is a an existing structure in place such as concrete slab. Furthermore pavers have a very hide durability and it’s very unlikely that they will crack.

2. How long do Concrete Pavers last?

Concrete Pavers offer an expected durability of more than 50 years when installed correctly compared to the conventional concrete slab of 25 years. Learn more about Pavers vs. Concrete

3. Do weeds come through the pavers?

The material added beneath pavers is crushed concrete with zero form of organic matter. Thus weeds can’t grow in or beneath considering enough crushed concrete is added. When weeds do form and proper procedures are taken it’s from above in which seeds are spread from on top of the pavers in to the cracks. The most appropriate solution is to add liquid sealant which acts as an adhesive glue protecting the pavers.

4. Can I add paver directly over my existing concrete?

Yes, since an existing structure is already in place is provide a form of support. Instances of where concrete would need to be remove is on driveways or when limited amount of height is needed.

5. What areas do you provide paver services?

We operate and provide paver services throughout Marion, Alachua & Levy Counties. This includes Ocala, Belleview, Summerfield, Dunnellon, The Villages, Citra, Reddick and more cities throughout Florida.

6. What guarantee do I have on work performed?

Yes, we provide a minimum of a 5 year craftsmanship warranty on all paver service. Further details for warranty are provided in our terms of service.

7. What payment methods do you accept?

bhild accepts all major credit cards (3% processing fee), cash, check, other mobile payments (paypal, zelle, cash app), and 100% financing up to $100,000. APR range from 6.9% and upwards.

8. Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer financing from 12 major lenders for all credit types. See if you prequalify online.

9. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, all paver services performed are fully insured, including all necessary licenses to perform work.

10. How long will it take to be fully installed?

In most cases we provide within one day of initial contact a detailed quote, this includes a blueprint, costs, and terms of work. After contract and HOA (if applicable) is approved our average completion time is within one week of initial contact.

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